What is Akiba?

Akiba is a community-powered child savings platform. We help bring parents and friends together to connect, save, share and participate in supporting a better future.

Is there a cost ?

No, Akiba is currently free and our goal is to keep it free through community partnerships.

How secure is my info ?

Security is vital at Akiba. We've worked really hard to make sure all members have their information secure. This includes your banking credentials (which are never stored on our servers and are encrypted via bank-level security standards), Personal information (which is kept in a secure database for payment and account set up purposes only), and anything else that you share with us! If you have any questions about how your information is used and stored please email us!

Is Akiba Safe ?

Absolutely. All of the banking partner transactions are backed and insured by the FDIC.

Where is the money held?

All deposits are placed into the accounts specified by parents. Akiba does not hold money, Akiba helps facilitate payment and helps advise on growth strategies over time.

Is Akiba only for infants ?

No, Akiba is for all children and is designed to provide parents with long term savings tools. It is never too late or to early to get started.