Save for something
bigger than yourself.

Community powered child savings. Accounts are fueled by the support and love from the friends and family in our lives.

Child Saving Tools Redefined.

Akiba is a community savings platform that allows parents to invite friends and family toward investing in a high performing child savings program.

Community + Connection

Join your friends and family as they go on their biggest journey. Follow the story and support your friends. Receive private photo and news updates on your phone or desktop.

Growth + Savings.

Our Child Savings program is in partnership with one of the most well performing and secure banks in the country, TIAA.

Counsel and Guidance

Connect with our team of experienced Financial Planners to receive a customized financial plan to develop and grow your savings.

Accelerated Growth

Using our tools of saving automation and united with community, savings can substantially flourish through compound interest and time.


We are on a mission to eliminate the cycle of college debt and make getting a college education accessible for all.

How Our Tools and Community Come Together.


Parents have full control over who they choose to invite to contribute. The process will begin by either receiving or sending an invitation to someone to contribute.

Choose a contribution amount.

Choose the dollar amount that you wish to contribute towards the college savings fund.

Automate Monthly Contributions

Join others and contribute as little as $5 a month that will go towards a 529 college savings plan. Those contributions will grow substantially over time.

Share the Story

Parents will share the story of their child’s development, allowing all contributors, near and far, to experience the precious moments of joy, strength and growth in their child’s life.


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